Therapeutic residential center for people with special needs

One Behind the Scene

It’s often people behind the scene that lose out on the limelight. Today I would like to take the time to talk about these great women who have been silently building Riya brick by brick. Keerthana (Keeth) and Devamma (Amma)……….

Devamma joined Riya at a time when we were running from pillar to post searching for a cook to take care of the needs of the children. It’s very easy to find a person who will work for money but very difficult to find someone who does it with passion and dedication. Devamma is one such person. She is old and ailing, but you will never see her complain. She wakes up early like a mother for her own children and ensures breakfast is ready and also ensures everyone has had a tummy full. Her favorite line is “Did u like the breakfast, can I do anything better?” Truly as her name suggests, she is “Amma (Mother)” to all of us. There is not a day she has cribbed or complained about anything. She ensures she keeps us happy with whatever is available. Just when you think God has stopped making good people, he surprises you with a person like Devamma.
Every time I want to write about Keeth, I just do not know where to start from. Here’s a lady whose life is filled with huddles in every step. I thought it’s a decision worth the bravery award to start Riya Foundation. The day we were discussing “Riya”, she asked me if I could handle her daughter for a day and only then go with the decision of taking the project ahead. I must confess it was very demanding. If you are cleaning the glass tumbler that was just dropped, you turn to see her dropping your cell phone into the curry bowl. If that was not enough she would have rubbed the entire tooth paste on the bed. By the time you are finished with the cleaning she would have passed stools with her clothes on. It’s like a day with never ending issues. One would just not find the time to breathe. It’s only after this experience that my respect for this woman doubled. With all this already on her, she was wanting to take more?…one must be kidding. She was only positive about everything she did. All she said was “If we can handle Riya, then we can handle any number of children. Let’s give a new option to the parents, a new way of life“. Thus, Riya is designed keeping parents and their special children in mind.
Today we are more than a family. We have teachers who are more than willing to go the extra mile in providing the child an atmosphere for better learning, people running the place purely out of passion & friends reaching out in whatever small ways possible. Riya is more than just a dream, It a place for dedication, passion and going the “extra mile”.


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Riya Hope Farm
No. 2-21-111/2
Valley view villa, Kotimura,
Padavu village, Kulshekar Post,
Mangalore : 575005
Karnataka, India.

Contact :
Email: [email protected]
Phone : +91 7892-317978 / +91 824- 2231181
Office timings : Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm


"Riya Foundation” is a registered trust (non-profit organization -155/2009-10 IV) registered with the Commissioner of Income Tax under 12-A of the Income Tax Act bearing No. R-57/80G/CIT/MNG/2011.12, established in the year 2010. Your donation is tax-deductible under 80G. We run a residential recreational facility for the people with special needs called "Riya Hope Farm", currently located at Mangalore (India).