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Keeth & Riya
Quite a few people have made a lot of difference in Riya’s life. Times when she has strayed away, when she is in danger, when she has to get in and out of the car, when she had to eat, when she is stuck in the house or in the car.

Recently once Riya was stuck in the car. What happened was… after completing all the chores of the house; we were all set to go to school. I pulled the car out of the garage and hurried to close the gate. I was half-way through then I realized. God! I had left the keys inside, no windows open, the stereo playing and the car had auto locked.

What am I going to do now?

I did panic a bit as none of the windows were open. Then mind took over. I started instructing her to hold the knob because I knew if she did then she would pull it up but making her hold it was a herculean task. Half an hour passed by but she just wouldn’t comprehend what I was telling her. She would look up at me with twinkling eyes as she found it very amusing to see us throwing our hands up and down. Looked like the monkeys in the cage, I guess. Neighbors gathered around the car. One called all the mechanics she knew, the other gave me moral support and another started planning strategies. That day I realized that all kinds of people are necessary in life because we need them all.

After 45 minutes of waiting, finally our electricity meter reader passed by. On any regular day I would have cursed him but this day he was warmly welcomed. Humans you see!!! He struggled for some time, used all techniques he would have learnt in school and POP!!! opened the lock. He was the hero of the moment. I thanked him profusely and thanked everyone who stood by me. Then I hurried to drop Riya to school.

I neither know the name nor do I meet him often. I meet him only once a month; sometimes I am not even there when he comes. Yet the meter reader took it up on his shoulder to get Riya out of the car.

Guess that’s why they say – we are HUMANS you see !!!

  1. I can imagine what each one went through at that moment! Thank God for these kind of saviors and thank God for all of you being there for her….

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