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Mangalore: How often have you had to rush back from work or cancel appointments or miss a function because there’s no one to take care of your child back home? It truly gets difficult to tag the child as their tantrums can make life miserable.

When Keerthana, a mother of a special child, had to sacrifice her job and all its luxuries because she found it difficult to balance work and home – she had to fetch her child from the crèche, feed her, dress her up, when ill, run around to ensure the medications were given on time and many such complication that could arise. She didn’t wanted women like her, who worked hard to get their dream job, throw it all away because there were parent to a special child. Her work was affected because she had to log out and rush back to her baby.  She decided to start a home where women like her could drop off their children and pick them up any time of the day.

Riya Foundation, named after her child, caters to parents who travel and do night shifts. The facility allows parents to drop off their children even late at night. Riya Foundation ensures disabled children from rural areas are provided schooling and hostel facility too. “I know there are thousands of women like me who had to quit their job after a child. I don’t want that to happen. It’s important for a woman to pursue her career” says Keerthana..

Riya foundation – A Residential Hostel and an integrated learning centre, provides the following services

Respite Care
 – For those having to travel, attend family emergencies or ceremonies. The duration of the facility can be availed from few hours to a maximum period of three months.

Long term
 – This is the answer to the question, after me who?

Hostel and Boarding – The child is sent to an integrated school, Taught life skills and provided exposure to manage life on their own.

“Riya Foundation” is a registered trust, established in the year 2010. Our registration number is 155/2009-10 IV, and we run a residential recreational facility for the people with special needs called “Riya Hope Farm”, currently located at Mangalore (India). Riya Foundation in Mangalore is a registered NGO that has been running a residential home for the disabled. It was started by two Bangalorean youngsters who gave up their corporate jobs to pursue this dream.

“Riya Hope Farm”, is a therapeutic residential center for young people, ages one to adult with a different learning environment.  The program provides a positive atmosphere designed to build competence to thrive socially. Our comprehensive learning environment supports the success of students learning differences. Our institute provides round-the-clock teaching and care tailored to students’ various needs. The term special needs can apply to any number of issues, including social, behavioral and emotional disorders and we cater to students with any of these issues.

These kids afford several advantages, including round-the-clock teaching and care and the specialized attention many public schools are unable to provide. They can also foster a sense of independence among the students. We offer Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program, Therapeutic, clinical, equine and recreational therapy in addition to other therapy programs.

We Specialize In: Character Development, Executive Functioning Skills, Applied Behavior Analysis, Motivational Management, Self-Discipline Strategies and Social Coaching

Since its inception Riya Foundation has been working with the disabled coming from various economical backward families. Most of them have not even got an opportunity to neither go to school nor have been provided with proper nourishment or care. Today we send them to an integrated school, bistro them with social exposure, giving them a platform to display their talent and more than anything teach them to be independent. Our vision is to set up a holistic center where one gets access to schooling, comprehensive care and a job opportunity making them self-independent.

Our philosophical belief is to avoid substandard levels and not compromising on quality. Currently we have two projects implemented:-

Riya Hope Farm: Residential center and access to proper nourishment and education

Riya Training Center:
 A Computer training center which provides job opportunities

Riya Learning Centre – An initiative for economic empowerment of Intellectually challenged [(L)earn – learn and earn]

The official census has stated a significant part of our population in Karnataka is disabled one way or another. By giving them special education some organizations have been successful in creating a normal life. But financial security for such children from poor background has always been problem. Though government benefits are available for them, very few are benefited from it. This program, “Riya Learning Centre” is an initiative by members of Riya Foundations, to help individuals with varied intellectual challenges, develop a career by learning basic computer operations with minimum reasoning. Our main aim till present has been to provide comprehensive care and educate such children to develop social skill. We now have taken one more step to make life better for them by providing a platform for a career. Our goal is of economic empowerment of deferentially able children

We hope that you will be able to join us for this unique opportunity to strengthen our dream and we also extend an invitation for you to visit the facility. We hope that you will lend your support in taking this initiative forward. We look forward for your help and good wishes.

Address & Contact

Riya Hope Farm
No. 2-21-111/2
Valley view villa, Kotimura,
Padavu village, Kulshekar Post,
Mangalore : 575005
Karnataka, India.

Contact :
Email: [email protected]
Phone : +91 7892-317978 / +91 824- 2231181
Office timings : Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm


"Riya Foundation” is a registered trust (non-profit organization -155/2009-10 IV) registered with the Commissioner of Income Tax under 12-A of the Income Tax Act bearing No. R-57/80G/CIT/MNG/2011.12, established in the year 2010. Your donation is tax-deductible under 80G. We run a residential recreational facility for the people with special needs called "Riya Hope Farm", currently located at Mangalore (India).